HC Deb 15 June 1847 vol 93 cc596-7

, with reference to the Motion which stood on the Paper for a Select Committee to inquire into the composition and management of the English Ecclesiastical Commission, said, that it certainly would have been his wish to preface it with a few words; but, seeing what was the wish of the House, he would con- tent himself with simply asking the consent of the House to it, trusting that, in so doing, he would not be thought deficient in respect either to the House or the Ecclesiastical Commissioners. He would only say, that it was with a sincere desire that the Church should be maintained and preserved in all its rights, and with a perfect respect for the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, whose objects he desired to promote, that he had brought the Motion forward. He accordingly moved the appointment of the Committee.


said, that seeing this was the 15th of June, he thought his hon. Friend must be a man of a very sanguine temperament, or very self-devoted, to propose making such an inquiry at such a time. He must surely be in the hope that Parliament would sit till the 15th of September at least.

Motion agreed to.

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