HC Deb 09 June 1847 vol 93 cc260-1

On the question that the Order of the Day be read,


inquired of the hon. Member for Montrose when he intended to bring on the Motion of which he had given notice relative to Portugal. He was to have brought it in on Monday, and it was afterwards postponed until Thursday, and then again until Friday. The hon. Member had proved himself to be made of more squeezable materials than he had thought. He wished to know when the hon. Member intended to bring on his Motion. It was of great consequence that it should be decided before the starting of the packet for Oporto. The great cause of constitutional liberty all over the world might be more seriously affected by these repeated delays than the hon. Member for Montrose was aware of. He had been much surprised at the cause for delay urged by the noble Lord the Member for Lynn— namely, the Queen's Ball. It put him in mind of the well-known line— And wretches hang, that jurymen may dine; which he would be allowed on this occasion to paraphrase into— And patriots die, that senators may dance. He was grieved to see the hon. Member for Montrose sliding away from the principles which he had so long maintained, and he wished now to know whether he intended to bring on his Motion on Friday or not?


said, that he was just as much alive to the importance of the question as was his hon. Friend, who had no right to accuse him of wishing to shrink from his duty—a weakness into which he hoped that he did not often fall. The fact was that he (Mr. Hume) had coincided in the propriety of postponing the discussion until the papers relating to it should have boon before the House. But, so far as he was concerned, he was determined on Friday to submit his Motion to the House.