HC Deb 09 July 1847 vol 94 cc144-5

On the question that 36,214l. be granted for Nonconforming and other Ministers (Ireland),


objected on principle to the practice of allocating the public money to the purposes of clergymen of any denomination whatsoever. It was full time that the House should adopt the principle of refusing to give money to the clergy of any church. He should most assuredly take the sense of the Committee on the vote.


supported the vote, observing that it was designed for the especial benefit of a most respectable and valuable class of persons in Ireland, the Presbyterians, who numbered no less than 800,000 souls. They received the grant with feelings of extreme thankfulness, and would regard its withdrawal now, after the lapse of so many years, as an affront and an injury.


objected on principle to the vote. He could not understand on what pretext the right hon. Gentleman could re- fuse to endow the Catholic clergy of Ireland, if he thought it was fair and consistent with sound principle to endow the Presbyterians. If that was done in Ireland, they could not, with any consistency, refuse to pursue the same policy in England, and even in Scotland, where the Free Kirk should have to be enriched from the State as well as the Kirk. In justice, they should either endow one or all. He was for endowing none.

After a few words from Dr. BOWRING, Mr. AGLIONBY, and Mr. WAKLEY, all of whom opposed the vote, the Committee divided:—Ayes 68; Noes 13: Majority 55.

List of the AYES.
Aglionby, H. A. Henley, J. W.
Anson, hon. Col. Howard, hon. C. W. G.
Arkwright, G. Howard, hon. E. G. G.
Arundel and Surrey, Earl of Hudson, G.
Inglis, Sir R. H.
Bankes, G. Jervis, Sir J.
Barkly, H. Jolliffe, Sir W. G. H.
Baring, rt. hon. F. T. Labouchere, rt. hon. H.
Baring, T. Law, hon. C. E.
Bellew, R. M. Lygon, hon. G.
Bennet, P. Macaulay, rt. hn. T. B.
Bentinck, Lord G. Maule, rt. hon. F.
Berkeley, hon. Capt. Monahan, J. H.
Bodkin, W. H. Morpeth, Visct.
Borthwick, P. Mostyn, hon. E. M. L.
Buller, C. Neeld, J.
Burke, T. J. Newdegate, C. N.
Burrell, Sir C. M. Ogle, S. C. H.
Byng, rt. hon. G. S. Paget, Lord A.
Colville, C. R. Palmerston, Visct.
Courtenay, Lord Parker, J.
Craig, W. G. Pinney, W.
Dawson, hon. T. V. Russell, Lord J.
Dickinson, F. H. Rutherford, A.
Dundas, Adm. Sheil, rt. hon. R. L.
Dundas, Sir D. Sheridan, R. B.
Ebrington, Visct. Somerville, Sir W. M.
Ferguson, Sir R. A. Spooner, R.
Fox, C. R. Strutt, rt. hon. E.
Grey, rt. hon. Sir G. Tancred, H. W.
Grogan, E. Ward, H. G.
Hamilton, G. A. Watson, W. H.
Hatton, Capt. V. Wood, rt. hon. Sir C.
Hawes, B. TELLERS.
Hayes, Sir E. Tufnell, H.
Hayter, W. G. Rich, H.
List of the NOES.
Brotherton, J. Rice, E. R.
Brown, W. Talbot. C. R. M.
Duncan, G. Thornely, T.
Hindley, C. Trelawny, J. S.
Hume, J. Wakley, T.
Lowther, hon. Col. TELLERS.
Osborne, R. Bowring, Dr.
Perfect, R. Williams, W.

Vote agreed to.