HC Deb 05 July 1847 vol 93 cc1276-7

On the Motion for going into Committee on the Masters in Chancery Affidavit Office Bill,

LORD G. BENTINCK moved the adjournment of the House.


hoped, that the Government would give hon. Members on that side of the House an opportunity of expressing the sense with which they viewed the proceeding of the noble Lord. The hon. Member ridiculed the noble Lord, as pretending to be the leader of a great party, for what he termed that obstructive policy which interrupted all public business.


said, it was very well for an hon. Gentleman who had been at his dinner to object to an adjournment; but those who had been present during the whole night must feel very differently. The Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Vice President of the Board of Trade, two Lords of the Treasury, and the Secretary of the Treasury, had been fast asleep during most of the evening. Some of them were lying on their backs, with their heads down and their feet up. The noble Lord the First Commissioner of the Woods and Forests was also fast asleep, and almost every official Gentleman was in the same state. The hon. Gentleman who objected to the Motion for adjournment the moment he returned from dinner, went also fast asleep. He did not see why those who had to meet in the morning on the Health of Towns Bill should be asked to sit after twenty minutes past One o'clock.

The House divided on the question of adjournment:—Ayes 8; Noes 32: Majority 24.

List of the AYES.
Archdall, Capt. M. Manners, Lord J.
Bentinck, Lord G. Stuart, J.
Brotherton, J.
Colville, C. R. TELLERS.
Grogan, E. Hudson, G.
Henley, J. W. Borthwick, P.
List of the NOES.
Aglionby, H. A. Moffatt, G.
Arundel and Surrey, Earl of Monahan, J. H.
Morpeth, Visct.
Clive, Visct. Morris, D.
Craig, W. G. Norreys, Sir D. J.
Dickinson, F. H. O'Connell, M. J.
Dundas, Sir D. Parker, J.
Ferguson, Sir R. A. Pinney, W.
Gibson, rt. hon. T. M. Price, Sir R.
Greene, T, Rutherfurd, A.
Grosvenor, Lord R. Seymer, H. K.
Hallyburton, Ld. J.F.G. Sheil, rt. hon. R. L.
Hamilton, Lord C. Somerville, Sir W. M.
Hawes, B, Wood, rt. hon. Sir C.
Hutt, W. Yorke, H. R.
Jervis, Sir J. TELLERS.
Labouchere, rt. hon. H. Tufnell, H.
Maule, rt. hon. F. Ebrington, Visct.

Question again proposed that the House resolve itself into a Committee. Amendment moved that the House would on the next day resolve itself into a Committee. Amendment and Motion withdrawn.

House adjourned at a quarter to Two o'clock.