HC Deb 05 July 1847 vol 93 c1183

PUBLIC BILLS. 1° Naturalisation of Aliens; Canal Companies; Constabulary Force (Ireland), &c.; Qualification of Peers (Scotland).

2° Joint Stock Companies (No. 2).

Reported.—Compensation for Damages (Ireland); Thames Conservancy (re-committed); Custody of Offenders; Shannon Navigation.

3° and passed:—Fishery Piers and Harbours (Ireland); Railways (Ireland, No. 2).

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Hindley, from Inhabitants of the Province of South Australia, against Supporting Religion by the State.—By Mr. Brotherton, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, for a One Penny Stamp Tax.—By Mr. W. H. Bodkin, from several places, respecting the Remuneration to Tax Assessors and Collectors.—By Sir De Lacy Evans, from Colliers of Lancashire, respecting the Cause of Accidents in Collieries—By Sir J. Pakington, from Poor Law Officers, for a Superannuation Fund.—By Mr. Watson, from Yuille, Shortridge, and Company, of Mark-lane, London, for Inquiry.