HC Deb 28 January 1847 vol 89 cc510-1

rose to put a question to the hon. Gentleman the Secretary for the Admiralty. The House would recollect that last year there had been a Committee of reference on Naval Architecture, and he wished to know whether any report had been made to the Admiralty by this Committee, and whether there would be any objection to lay it on the Table of the House? He also wished to ask whether any report had been made to the Admiralty on the subject of Her Majesty's ship Thetis, which had been built by three members of the School of Naval Architecture, and whether the experiments tried with that vessel had turned out successfully? He should also be glad to know whether it were the intention of the Government to do anything in the way of promotion for Mr. Chatfield, one of those gentlemen to whom he had referred?


said, that the question respecting the Committee of reference had been put to him on a previous occasion by his hon. Friend the Member for Montrose, whom he had told at the time that their reports were not yet brought to a conclusion, but that they would be very shortly, and he did not apprehend that there would be any objection to produce them. With regard to the Thetis, all that had been heard with respect to her was most satisfactory, and he had great pleasure in informing the noble Lord that the Admiralty, without waiting for reports of further trials, had removed Mr. Chatfield from Devonport to be assistant master shipwright at Woolwich.