HC Deb 21 January 1847 vol 89 cc268-9

begged to ask a question of the right hon. Baronet the Secretary of State for the Home Department respecting some Bills, which he understood last Session would be prepared during the recess. It was of consequence to parties in the country to know if it was the intention of Her Majesty's Government, early in this Session, to introduce a Bill having for its object the amending and consolidating certain provisions and Acts for improving the condition of the state of towns; for instance, the police, the lighting, and watching, which very often were the subjects of private Bills. His reason for asking the question was, that he understood that a public measure was to be brought in by the Government which would supersede the necessity of bringing in private Bills; and, therefore, parties intending to bring in private Bills would be induced to abandon them if a public Bill were brought forward by the Government.


said, that in accordance with a pledge which he had made at the close of the last Session of Parliament, he had given directions for the preparation of Bills, which were in a very forward state; and he hoped, that in the course of ten days—about the end of the month—they would be ready to lay before the House.

House adjourned at a quarter past Ten o'clock.