HC Deb 22 February 1847 vol 90 cc308-9

wished to ask the noble Lord the Secretary for Foreign Affairs a question on a subject which was exciting great interest. That House and the country would have perceived with satisfaction that the enlightened Sovereign who ruled over the Prussian monarchy had given a constitution to his people, of which there could be no doubt they were worthy. He took the liberty of asking the noble Lord, whether it would be proper, either to lay on the Table of the House, or at any rate to place in some collection of public muniments, a copy of that constitution? He was aware that the House and the country took a deep interest in an event which did so much credit to that monarch.


said, it was due to his hon. Friend that he should state that a copy of the Prussian constitution did form an enclosure of a despatch which Her Majesty's Minister at Berlin had sent, and therefore it would be possible to lay that despatch and the enclosure on the Table of the House. At the same time he would state to his hon. Friend, that it was not usual, unless some particular object should be in view, for that House to call for the production of a document relating entirely, as the one in question did, to the internal organization of another State. He must, therefore, leave it to the House to decide whether this were a case in which to call for the production of the document. He would rather suggest to his hon. Friend, that perhaps it would be as well not to press his request.