HC Deb 21 April 1847 vol 91 c1149

said, he had put two notices on the Paper for the production of correspondence between the Foreign Office and the Government of Spain, on the subject of arrears of pay due from that Government to the British Legion, and between the Foreign Office and the Government of Portugal, upon the subject of the military pensions due from Portugal to the Duke of Wellington and Viscount Beresford. The object which he had in view, in wishing for the production of those papers was, to lay a foundation for the interference of the British Government to obtain from the Government of Spain a settlement of the just claims of the Spanish bondholders; but his noble Friend the Secretary for Foreign Affairs had suggested to him, that as the Spanish and Portuguese Governments had been brought to reason by the representations of the British Government in the cases referred to, it might appear ungracious to have the correspondence published, and therefore proposed to supply him privately with such memoranda as would enable him to enforce the claims of the Spanish bondholders. Under these circumstances, he would withdraw his notices of Motion.

Motion withdrawn.

House adjourned at Six o'clock.