HC Deb 20 April 1847 vol 91 cc1048-9

moved for leave to bring in a Bill for amending several Acts for the appointment of Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England.


asked the noble Lord whether the present Motion was that on which it was understood he would make a general statement with respect to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners. If it were, it would be evident, from the state of the House [which was then well attended], that it was expected he would make that statement. However, if he intended to press the present Motion, he (Sir R. Inglis) would not raise any opposition; but he hoped the noble. Lord would state when he would make his statement on the subject.


said, that with respect to the Bill he proposed to bring in, he intended to make his general statement as to the objects and purposes on the second reading of the Bill. As to that expectation to which the right hon. Baronet referred, he did not conceive there was such a feeling on the part of the House; but it certainly was not his intention to make any statement as to the Ecclesiastical Commission in reference to the present Bill. He could inform the right hon. Baronet that the new Committee had that day agreed to their first report, which would be immediately laid before both Houses of Parliament. And whenever any Bill founded on that report Mere brought forward in the House, or sent down to them from the other House, he would take that opportunity of making his general statement.

Leave given.

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