HC Deb 20 May 1846 vol 86 c912

PUBLIC BILLS.—1°. Places of Worship, &c. Sites (Scotland).

Reported. Corresponding Societies and Lecture Rooms.

. and passed. Viscount Hardinge's Annuity (No. 2); Viscount Hardinge's Annuity; Lord Gough's Annuity; Explosive Substances.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By several hon. Members, from a great number of places, complaining of Refusal to grant Sites for the Erection of Churches for the Free Church in Scotland.—By Mr. Spooner, from Members of the Church of England Lay Association of Birmingham and its Vicinity, against the Roman Catholic Relief Bill.—By several hon. Members, from various places, against the Union of the Sees of St. Asaph and Bangor, but in favour of the Appointment of a Bishop to the See of Manchester.—By several hon. Members, from various places, in favour of the Roman Catholic Relief Bill.—By Sir Robert Harry Inglis, from Ministers and Elders of the Presbytery of Dumfries, against the Abolition of Tests in the Scottish Universities.—By Mr. Newdegate, from the Royal Birmingham and Midland Counties Art Union, and by Mr. Blackburne, from Merchants, Artists, Manufacturers, and others, Inhabitants of Warrington and its Neighbourhood, in favour of the Art Unions Bill.—By Lord John Manners, from Inhabitants of the Parishes of Radford, Long Eaton, Lenton, Snienton, Basford, and Sawley, unconnected with Bobbin Net and Wash Lace Machinery, and by Mr. Thomas Duncombe, from Inhabitants of Nottingham, for Limiting the Hours of Labour in Lace Factories.