HC Deb 19 May 1846 vol 86 cc910-2

House in Committee on the Railway Companies Dissolution Bill.

On Clause 11,


objected to the great powers that the Bill proposed to give to a minority of shareholders.


remarked, that cases might occur in which parties connected with a scheme might wish to force it on by undue means, and with that view continue to have their meetings held at a period when it would be extremely inconvenient for the shareholders to attend. To avoid that, the Bill enacted that such meeting might be adjourned, to afford greater facilities to shareholders to record their assent or dissent.


observed, that those persons who might be favourable to the prosecution of a scheme against the desire of the minority of the shareholders, could, after the dissentients had withdrawn, reform themselves into a new company to carry out the project. He inclined to the opinion that every facility ought to be given to the minority to relieve themselves from future liability.

Clause agreed to.

Bill passed through Committee.

House resumed.

Bill to be reported.

House adjourned at Twelve o'clock.