HC Deb 06 May 1846 vol 86 cc166-7

The House went into Committee upon the Administration Bill.

A few verbal Amendments were moved and agreed to on clauses 1 and 2.


moved the addition of a Clause to give to Criminal Courts power to award hard labour and the costs of the prosecution in all cases.


said, that the clause proposed by his hon. Friend was a very important one. He looked with very great jealousy to any extension of the powers to the Criminal Courts in the manner proposed by the clause. It required great consideration before they came to any decision on so important a change as the clause contemplated. He could not say he was quite prepared to oppose the clause until he had heard the reasons of his hon. Friend.


explained, that the clause was merely an extension of the powers contained in sec. 63, chap. 74, of the Act of Geo. IV. He knew of several instances of aggravated assault, which had been very inadequately punished, in consequence of the provisions contained in the 7th Geo. IV. not meeting the case. By the present law, in case of conspiracy and of assault, the parties who brought the criminal to justice were not allowed the expenses of the prosecution. That had been the subject of animadversion day after day for years, and it had not yet been remedied. The object of his clause was, to give the Criminal Courts the power of awarding reasonable costs in all cases prosecuted or tried before them.


should feel greatly obliged if his hon. Friend would withdraw his clause for the present, and propose it again on the bringing up of the Report. This would give him time to consider the matter, and as it was a very important subject, the clause should not at this moment be pressed.

Clause withdrawn.

The House resumed. Report to be brought up this day week.

House adjourned at ten minutes to Five o'clock.