HC Deb 03 March 1846 vol 84 c527

moved the appointment of Members upon the Select Committee on the petition from Cheltenham in favour of a repeal of the Corn Laws. The hon. Member begged the members of the Anti-Corn-Law League, who were Members of the House, to understand that he was influenced by no motive of hostility to them in moving for this Committee. He thought it was a rule, not only in private but in public life, that where fraud or imposition was alleged, it ought to be traced up. Long diatribes had been directed against him, charging him with being actuated, in moving for this Committee, by general hostility towards the hon. Member for Durham, because he had moved for a Committee on the Game Laws; and other allegations much too contemptible to mention. He utterly denied that he was influenced by hostility to the Gentlemen of the League, or to any other persons whatever.

Motion agreed to.