HC Deb 19 June 1846 vol 87 cc684-5

PUBLIC BILLS.—1°. Clerks of Crown, &c. (Ireland).

Reported. County Works Presentments (Ireland) Amendment.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Viscount Morpeth, from Inhabitants of the Borough of Doncaster, for the Enfranchisement of their Borough.—By Sir de Lacy Evans, from Presbyterians of Westminster; by Mr. Hastie, from Paisley; by Lord Edwin Hill, from Members of the Presbyterian College of Anahilt; and by Mr. Ross, from Magherally and Kilmore, complaining of the refusal of the Proprietors of Land to grant Sites for the Erection of Churches for the Free Church in Scotland.—By Viscount Morpeth, from Inhabitants of the Parish of St. Clement Danes, and by Mr. Ord, from Inhabitants of the Town and County of Newcastle upon Tyne, for the Better Observance of the Lord's Day.—By Lord John Manners, and Viscount Morpeth, from a number of places, in favour of the Roman Catholic Relief Bill.—By Sir Thomas Acland, from Clergy of the Deaneries of Barnstaple and Sherwell, and by Mr. Finch, from Clergymen residing in the County of Rutland, against the Union of the Sees of Saint Asaph and Bangor, but providing for the Immediate Appointment of a Bishop to the newly erected See of Manchester.—By Viscount Morpeth, from Thomas Clarkson, for Alteration of the Duty on Sugar.—By Mr. Sharman Crawford, from Inhabitants of the Borough of Rochdale, against the Embarkation of Troops for the Colonies.—By Viscount Morpeth, from Clergy and Gentry of Dewsbury, Batley, and the Neighbourhood, and by Mr. Newdegate, from Subscribers of the Art Union of London, in favour of Art Unions Bili.—By Mr. Lyall, from Members of the London Dock Company, for promoting Establishment of Baths and Washhouses.—By Mr. Vesey, from Magistrates, Clergy, Freeholders, Landholders, and others, in the Barony of Sliemarrigue, in the Queen's County, for Alteration of County Works Presentment (Ireland) Act.—By Sir Thomas Esmonde, from Operative Slaters of the City of Dublin, against the Abolition of the Guilds of Dublin.—By Mr. Hume, from Members of the Metropolitan Working Classes Association for the Improvement of the Public Health, for the Adoption of Measures for promoting the Health of Towns.—By Mr. Allix, from Guardians of the Poor of the Chesterton Union, against the Highways Bill.—By Mr. John Henry Vivian, from Guardians of the Poor of the Swansea and Mansfield Poor Law Unions, for Repeal or Alteration of the Lunatics Act and Lunatic Asylums and Pauper Lunatics Act.—By Captain Layard, from Out-Pensioners of Chelsea Hospital, residing in Deal and its Vicinity, complaining of Deductions from their Pensions.—By Mr. Gisborne, from James Wilson and others, for the creation of a Fund for the Superannuation Fund for Poor Law Officers.—By Mr. Octavius Duncombe, and Viscount Morpeth, from several places, for Alteration of the Poor Removal Bill.—By Mr. Sharman Crawford, Mr. Ross, and Mr. Trelawny, from various places, for the Total Abolition of the Punishment of Death.—By Mr. Thomas Duncombe, from Shareholders in the Dublin and Armagh Inland Railway Company, for Alteration of the Railway Companies Dissolution Bill.—By Mr. Hume, from Gloucester, complaining of the Break of Gauge on Railways.—By Viscount Bernard, from Inhabitants of the Town of Innoshannon, for Repeal or Alteration of the Salmon Fisheries (Ireland) Acts.—By Mr. Thomas Duncombe, from Landowners of Glasgow and Vicinity, for Alteration of Law respecting Service of Heirs (Scotland).—By Lord John Manners, from the Vicar of Yardley, complaining of Alienation of Tithes.