HC Deb 30 July 1846 vol 88 cc202-3

PUBLIC BILLS.—1°. Court of Common Pleas.

Reported. Burial Service (No. 2).

3a. and passed. Poor Removal; Art Unions; Newfoundland.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Hume, from Members of "the Church of God," meeting in St. John's Square, Clerkenwell, and commonly known as the Freethinking Christians, for substituting Affirmations in lieu of Oaths.—By Mr. Warburton, from Secular Clergymen and Laymen of the Town of Kendal and its Vicinity, professing the Roman Catholic Religion, in favour of the Roman Catholic Relief Bill.—By Mr. Villiers, from Importers of Foreign Corn, respecting the Mode of levying Duties on Rye, Peas, and Beans.—By Mr. Thomas Duncombe, from Inhabitants of Bradford, for Inquiry into the Anatomy Act.—By Mr. Thomas Duncombe, from Tenants, Farmers, Freeholders, Cottagers, Poor, and others, of the Parishes of Llanfihangelgenewrglyn and Llangynfelyn, in the County of Cardigan, for Inquiry into the Corsefochno Inclosure Act.—From Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons of the City of London, for Repeal of the Game Laws.—By Dr. Bowring, from Abraham Jones Les Cras, of Alderbury Lodge, Les Vaux, Saint Helier, Author of a Work, entitled, "The Laws, Customs, and Privileges of Jersey," for Inquiry into the Defects in the Administration of Justice in the Island of Jersey, with the view to Reform the same.—By Mr. Warburton, from Inhabitants of the Borough of Kendal, against Enrolment of the Militia.—By Mr. Pusey, from John Wood, residing in 55, Main Street, in the Parish of the Gorbals, for Alteration of the Poor Law (Scotland).—By the Earl of Shelburne, from Guardians of the Calne Union, for Alteration of the Poor Removal Bill.