HC Deb 29 July 1846 vol 88 c197

said, that in moving for leave to bring in the Bill of which he had given notice on the subject of Episcopal Revenues, his chief object was to get it printed, so that if it should be thought desirable to proceed with the measure in another Session, he should be most happy to leave the matter in the hands of Her Majesty's Government to do as they thought proper; and as far as such an humble individual as himself could render any assistance, he would do so. There had been much discussion of late about the union of the sees of Bangor and St. Asaph, and a Bill was now before the House which had been brought down from the House of Lords relating to this subject, and which would come on for a second reading on the 5th of August. His opinion was that they ought not to legislate for particular localities, and that unless Parliament was prepared greatly to increase the number of bishops, the union of the sees of Bangor and St. Asaph ought to take place; for if the Report of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, which was made in 1835, was fully carried out, the united diocese of Bangor and St. Asaph would even then be the smallest in the kingdom. But nearly every noble Lord who had spoken upon this subject the other night had urged the necessity of increasing the number of bishops, and that was his object upon the present occasion. He would not, however, go into the subject at present, but would simply move for leave to bring in the Bill.

Leave given.

Bill brought in and read a first time.

House adjourned at half-past Four o'clock.