HC Deb 27 July 1846 vol 88 c28

wished to put a question of some importance in connection with the administration of justice in the Courts of Westminster Hall. It was generally known that the practice in the Court of Common Pleas was confined to the serjeants; but during Earl Grey's Government a warrant was issued by the Crown to open that court to all barristers. On argument before the Privy Council, it was however held that that warrant was insufficient without the intervention of Parlinment. He believed that the late Government had been prepared to introduce a measure to give effect to the warrant; and he apprehended he was correct also in saying that it had the sanction of the late Chief Justice of the Common Pleas. He wished to be informed, therefore, whether Her Majesty's present Ministers entertained the same views and intentions?


replied, that the present Secretary for the Home Department had found in his office a Bill prepared for the purpose referred to, in order that the Courts of Westminster should be opened to the whole profession. He was happy to be able to state that such a measure was fully approved of by the present Government, and that he would undertake to introduce it, though of course he could not promise that it should be in the present Session.

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