HC Deb 23 January 1846 vol 83 cc163-4

moved for leave to bring in a Bill to amend an Act for the extension and promotion of Public Works in Ireland. The apprehension of a deficiency of food in that country in the ensuing spring and summer, rendered it important that every encouragement and facility should be given for the employment of the people in Public Works and otherwise, and this Bill was prepared with a view to facilitate that desirable purpose. He had also another Bill to propose on an early day, namely, a Bill to amend the Draining Act in Ireland, and afford greater facilities for carrying its provisions into operation. It was his intention to introduce, during the next week, a Bill for the construction of small Piers and Harbours in Ireland, with a view to the encouragement of the fisheries in that country. There was no subject which deserved more attention and consideration than the encouragement of the fisheries in Ireland; and this Bill was the more necessary as there were many remote parts of Ireland in which there were no great resident proprietors to encourage the fisheries, which might be made available for giving employment to the people and producing profit to the country. When they considered that one of the evils which was dreaded in Ireland was a deficiency of food, the benefit would be admitted of a measure, which, besides encouraging the employment of the people, would go directly to increase the supply of food to the country. The Bill which he was now about to bring in would give a power to advance certain sums for the purpose of encouraging public works, &c., half of the total sum required being subscribed by localities. There was another provision in the Bill which would be found of great advantage; its object being to extend the period of repayment from three to twenty years, while a discretionary power was to be given to the Treasury as to the rate of interest.

Bill brought in and read a first time.

House adjourned at half-past eight o'clock.