HC Deb 23 February 1846 vol 83 cc1390-1

I wish to ask the right hon. Baronet whether Her Majesty's Government have received the despatches in reference to the war now raging in India, which, according to an answer given last week by a Member of the Government, they were then expecting? If so, whether those despatches confirm generally the statements which are contained in the morning papers of this day? Whether they include returns of all the casualties that have taken place? And lastly, whether Her Majesty's Government are prepared to issue an Extraordinary Gazette to-night or to-morrow, which may relieve the intense anxiety which prevails upon the subject?


I am glad that the hon. Baronet has given me an opportunity of stating that despatches in reference to the event he alludes to were received at four o'clock, at the office of the Board of Control. I have not myself seen them; but I can state that they confirm generally the accounts which appear in the morning papers, viz., that through the consummate valour of the Indian troops and those of Her Majesty, a great victory had been gained against a great disparity in point of numbers, though accompanied by a great loss. The despatches are being copied, and, as they will appear in the next Gazette, I think, in the course of the night, I feel that I had better abstain from entering into any of the particulars which they contain.