HC Deb 12 February 1846 vol 83 c754

wished to ask the right hon. Secretary at War whether the Government had it in contemplation to make any better regulations for the retirement of staff officers, such as surgeons, quartermasters, veterinary surgeons, and paymasters? He wished also to ask, whether the medal was to be given at once to those engaged in the Chinese war?


said, in reference to the first question put to him by the hon. and gallant Member, that the matter was under consideration. Considerable difficulty arose in giving the retirement contended for by the hon. and gallant Member, without encouraging similar claims from other portions of the service. He hoped, however, that some improvement would be introduced, although, perhaps, not to the extent desired by the hon. and gallant Member. With regard to the medals to be distributed amongst those who served in the Chinese war, he had been informed that the dies were made, and that the medals, 17,000 in number, would be completed in three months' time.