HC Deb 05 February 1846 vol 83 cc490-1

wished to ask the right hon. the Chancellor of the Exchequer, whether there was any truth in a report current out of doors, that Government had purchased, or suggested the purchase, of a quantity of maize or Indian corn for this country in the United States of America? Mr. Forster added, that he did not believe the report himself; but it was believed by many.


answered, that almost immediately after the receipt by the Government of that Report of Dr. Playfair and Mr. Lindley which had been laid upon the Table, the right hon. Gentleman the Home Secretary, the right hon. Baronet the First Lord of the Treasury, and himself, consulted upon the course proper to be taken; and orders were given for purchasing in the United States a certain quantity of maize for the consumption of the people of Ireland.


considered the principle of this transaction most objectionable. Such a system would be calculated to paralyse private enterprise; the public ought to know how the matter stood.