HC Deb 17 August 1846 vol 88 cc750-1

PUBLIC BILLS.—1°. Ecclesiastical Patronage; Registration of Deeds (Ireland); Sale of Encumbered Estates (Ireland); Real Property Management (Ireland); Tenants for Life (Ireland); Registration of Births, &c. (Ireland); Leasehold Tenures (Ireland); Tenants of Corporate Bodies (Ireland); Pawnbrokers.

. New Zealand Government; New Zealand Loan Act Amendment; Court of Exchequer (Ireland); Customs Duties (No. 2); Tithes Commutation.

Reported. Naval and Military Departments; Rateable Property (Ireland); Medical Practitioners.

. and passed. House of Commons Offices; Contagious Diseases Prevention; Turnpike Roads (Ireland).

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By several hon. Members, from an immense number of places, against the Spirit Licenses and Duties Bill.—By Mr. Wyse, from Clerks of Petty Sessions of the County of Meath, for Alteration of Law respecting Clerks of Petty Sessions (Ireland).—By Mr. Wyse, from Members of the Society for the Improvement of Ireland, irrespective of Sect or Party, for Inquiry into the Fiscal Regulations of England and Ireland.—By Viscount Ebrington, from the Honourable Newton Fellowes, of Eggesford, and from Occupiers and Owners of Land in the Parishes of Chawleigh and Eggesford, for carrying out the Tithe Commutation Act.—By Mr. Sharman Crawford, from Members and Adherents of the Church and Congregation meeting at Ebenezer Chapel, Hexham, Northumberland, against the sanctioning, by Votes of Money or otherwise, any further Embarkation of Troops from the United Kingdom to Foreign or Colonial Countries.—By Mr. Wakley, from Mayor, Justices, Aldermen, and Councillors of the Borough of Penryn, in the County of Cornwall, praying for the Abolition of the Punishment of Flogging in the Army.—By Mr. Wyse, from Regular Operative Ropemakers of the City of Dublin, praying the House not to entertain any Measure for Abolishing the Ancient Chartered Rights and Privileges of the Minor Guilds of Dublin until a Full and Free Inquiry has been instituted.—By Mr. Wyse, from Noblemen, Gentlemen, Clergymen, Owners and Occupiers of Land, and all others Inhabitants of the Town of Borrisokane, and from Bankers, Merchants, and Citizens of Dublin, for the Encouragement of Enterprise in Ireland. — By Mr. Sidney Herbert, from Ratepayers of the Parish of South Bureombe, in the County of Wilts, for Repeal or Alteration of the Lunatics Act and Lunatic Asylums and Pauper Lunatics Act.—By Mr. Wyse, from Officers, Committee, and Members of the Clonmel Mechanics' Institute, together with other Inhabitants of the Town and its Vicinity, stating that the Grant heretofore made by Government to the Royal Dublin Society has been wholly inadequate to supply the Demand for Lectures to the various Mechanics' Institutes in Ireland, and praying the House to take the Premises into consideration.—By Mr. Wakley, from several Medical and Surgical Practitioners, in favour of the Medical Practitioners Bill.—By Mr. Pusey, from John Malone, residing in Rutherglen, in the County of Lanark, for Alteration of the Poor Law (Scotland).—By Mr. Brown, from Members of the Liverpool Guardian Society for the Protection of Trade, and from the Inhabitants of Liverpool generally, complaining of the Mismanagement of the Post Office.—By Sir De Lacy Evans, from Inhabitants of the Quadrant, Regent Street, in the Parish of Saint James, Westminster, constituting the Committee of the Quadrant Improvement Association, for Removal of the Colonnade.—By Mr. O. Gore, from Booksellers of Oswestry, praying the House to refuse to Railway Companies the Power of Opening Parcels.