HC Deb 10 August 1846 vol 88 cc547-8

wished to put a question which he would be happy to hear satisfactorily answercd by the hon. Gentleman before him (Mr. Parker). In 1838 an Act passed for the improvement of the navigation of the Shannon, and certain plans were agreed upon, power being given to the Commissioners to execute the works according to those plans. It had been alleged, however, that without any authority the Commissioners had departed from those plans, to the great injury of a proprietor, whase property would be materially affected. He was authorized to state, that though the Commissioners were aware that a petition was before the Treasury, complaining of this departure, yet they were suffering the preparations for the work to go on. Now, his question was this—had the hon. Gentleman any objection to send orders to the Commissioners not to commence that work till a decision had been come to by the Treasury as to whether or not it should be executed?


said, this matter had not come before him, and therefore he was not prepared to give a satisfactory answer to the hon. Gentleman. There could be no doubt, however, the Treasury would endeavour to come to a fair and reasonable conclusion.