HC Deb 10 August 1846 vol 88 cc597-8

Resolution to provide for the Constabulary of Ireland out of the Consolidated Fund reported. On the Question that it be agreed to,


said, he had heard no reason assigned why the Irish constabulary should be placed upon a different footing from the police of this country. The expense of that force was upwards of 400,000l., and he was at loss to know why this country should be obliged to bear that expense. Besides, he did not know where the amount was to come from, unless some new tax was to be imposed.


also objected to the vote. He denied that the Irish counties generally would be benefited by the boon. The entire benefit would, in fact, go into the pockets of the landed proprietors, who would be sure to raise the rent to the full amount of the reduction. Besides, the charge for the police was a kind of fine on the disturbed districts, which he thought it would be imprudent to remove. He would certainly take the sense of the House on the vote. He did not know on what ground it was defended, except that the right hon. Gentleman the late Premier made some such assurance on introducing the Corn Bill.


said his hon. Friend attributed this measure to a hint thrown out by the late Government; but so far from its being a hint, he did not think he ever heard a more distinct promise than that this relief should be given to the Irish counties. The hon. Gentleman also said that it would be no relief to the counties generally; but so far from that being the case, the county cess, of which this formed an important item, was felt to be one of the greatest burdens which the people had to pay; and he believed the present measure would be gratefully and thankfully received. He hoped the House would not refuse its sanction to a plan which had originated with the late Government, and which had been taken up by Her Majesty's present Ministers.


said, as he understood there were other sums to be asked for, he would not press for a division until the Bill came before the House, but he would then certainly offer every opposition in his power to its progress.

Resolution agreed to.