HC Deb 05 August 1846 vol 88 cc346-7

had stated that day week, in introducing this Bill, that he brought it in solely in consequence of the Bangor and St. Asaph and Manchester Bill, which had passed the other House. But as the noble Lord (Lord Clive) had withdrawn the latter measure, it was not his intention to press the present one, and therefore he asked for leave to discharge the order for the second reading.


hoped this Bill was withdrawn altogether, and that its present withdrawal was not merely temporary, contingent upon the introduction of any other measure. He had never read a Bill so wholly objectionable from the commencement to the close. Why, it proposed nineteen new bishops. Now, on a recent occasion the bishops had not done their duty as they ought. He alluded to the Maynooth grant, to which they gave their sanction. He would ever support the Church of the country, and with it the Monarchy; but he could not consent to a Bill of this dangerous and obnoxious description, which he believed would be destructive to the Church.

Order discharged.