HC Deb 27 April 1846 vol 85 c1084

inquired whether it were the intention of the Government to proceed this Session with the Health of Towns Bill, brought in last Session?


said, it appeared to him that there was as much business already for the House to perform as it was likely to transact in a reasonable time. The Bill to which the noble Lord referred was introduced last Session, and circulated throughout the country during the recess. Various suggestions had been made, and the Amendments so suggested had been incorporated in the Bill; but, from his experience in that House, he must say, that it was not prudent to lay on the Table of the House Bills, with respect to which there was no probability of their further progress. The Bill to which the noble Lord referred was matured; and he should lay it on the Table of the House, if he saw a fair prospect of his being able to pass it; but at the present moment he must decline promising to do so.

The Order of the Day read.