HC Deb 07 April 1846 vol 85 c673

wished to ask one of the Lords of the Admiralty a question respecting a retired list of naval officers. About eight months ago, an announcement was made that it was proposed to make a retired list for officers in the navy, and 30,000l. a year was represented as being requisite for that purpose. A circular was then written and sent round by the Lords of the Admiralty, announcing that such a list was to be made out, of 300 captains above the age of 55, and who were to send in their names for that purpose. If this list was not completed, the Admiralty intimated that they would not be bound by their proposition. On the 1st of October, the date when the time of sending in the names expired, only 267 officers had signified their assent. Another circular was issued, with different terms, which was to be filled up by the 1st of January; but he understood that it had not yet been filled up. He wished to know from one of the Lords of the Admiralty present whether the Government had taken any steps to fill up the retired list? Many old officers felt great anxiety on the subject; and he trusted that some explanation would be given as to when it was likely that this arrangement would be carried into effect.


was understood to reply, that the Admiralty had not yet finally decided as to the course which should be taken, but a decision would be formed with as little delay as possible.