HC Deb 23 May 1845 vol 80 c805

The Order of the Day for going into a Committee of Supply having been read,

Viscount Palmerston

wished to ask the right hon. Baronet at the head of the Government a question having reference to the Slave Trade. That question was, whether there would be any objection to lay upon the Table of the House the representations made by the American Government as well as the English Government to those Powers who still carried on the Slave Trade, in execution of the engagements entered into by the Treaty of Washington? He wished to know whether there was any objection to furnish the House with the representations on this subject made by the British and American Governments, together or separately, in execution of the engagements of the Treaty he had referred to?

Sir R. Peel

was understood to say that the Papers connected with the Slave Trade would be laid on the Table of the House at as early a period as possible. Some would be ready by Monday next.

Captain Pechell

said, it would be very satisfactory to know the number of American vessels employed on the Coast of Africa in pursuance of the Treaty with that country relative to the Slave Trade. He wished to ask whether a return of the number of vessels of that country so engaged would be laid before the House, as he conceived it could be easily furnished by the officers on board our own vessels cruising in that latitude for the suppression of the Slave Trade?

Sir R. Peel

said, he took it for granted the Board of Admiralty was in possession of the Reports of our own officers on this subject; and if so, they would be laid on the Table of the House.