HC Deb 19 May 1845 vol 80 cc516-7

NEW WRIT. For the County of Down, v. the Earl of Hillsborough, called up to the House of Peers.

NEW MEMBER SWORN. For Denbigh County, Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Bt.—For Woodstock, Viscount Loftus.

BILLS, public.—1°. Criminal Lunatics (Ireland).

. Banking (Ireland); Military Savings Banks.


Private.—1°. Molyneux's Estate.

. Londonderry and Coleraine Railway; Bristol and Gloucester Railway (No. 2); Birmingham and Gloucester Railway (Gloucester Extensions, Stoke Branch and Midland Railways Junction).

Reported. — Chester Improvement; Glasgow Markets; Stokenchurch Road; Chester and Holyhead Railway (No. 2) (Mold Branch, and Purchase of Chester and Birkenhead Railway).

. and passed:—Calvert's Estate; Hemel Hempstead Small Tenements.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Grogan, from several places in Ireland, for Encouragement to Schools in connexion with Church Education (Ireland).—By Mr. Duff, Mr. F. Maule, and Mr. P. Stewart, from several places, for better Observance of the Lord's Day—By several hon. Members, from a great number of places, against the Grant to Maynooth College.—By several hon. Members, from a great number of places, in favour of the Grant to Maynooth College.—By Col. Paget, Mr. Rashleigh, and Lord G. Somerset, from several places, against the Union of St. Asaph and Bangor.—By Mr. Baine, Mr. Dennistoun, and Mr. Hume, from several places, in favour of the Universities (Scotland) Bill.—By Mr. Dickinson, and Mr. Stanton, from Colesbourne, and Bisley, for defraying the Charge of the County and Police Rate out of the Consolidated Fund.—By Sir William Somerville, from several places, against Banking (Ireland) Bill.—By Captain Berkeley, and Mr. O. Duncombe, from Attorneys and Solicitors of Gloucester, and several other places, for Removal of Courts of Law and Equity to Inns of Court.—By Sir John Hanmer, from the Hull Mechanics Institute, in favour of the Museums of Art Bill.—By several hon. Members, from a great number of places, against the Parochial Settlement Bill.—By Mr. Colquhoun, Col. Paget, and Mr. Welby, from several places, for Diminishing the Number of Public Houses.—By Mr. Dundas, Mr. Hastie, and Sir T. Hepburn, from several places, for Ameliorating the Condition of Schoolmasters (Scotland).