HC Deb 05 May 1845 vol 80 c174
Mr. Roebuck

said he had received a communication, in which Mr. Cams Wilson stated he had been consigned to a felon's cell in Jersey, supplied with felon's food, and that all communication from outside with him was entirely stopped; that his wife had been unable to obtain admittance to him; and, in short, that he was shut out from all human converse, except with the gaoler. He (Mr. Roebuck) wished to ask the right hon. Gentleman whether he had had any information on the subject, or whether he had made inquiry upon it; and, if so, whether those statements were correct?

Sir J. Graham

had received a letter containing complaints on the subject from Mr. Carus Wilson, as had also his right hon. Friend at the head of Her Majesty's Government; and he (Sir J. Graham) had thought it his duty to send copies of those letters to the Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, and he had directed him to inquire into the accuracy of the allegations contained in them, and to report to him immediately on the subject.