HC Deb 17 March 1845 vol 78 c958
Sir James Graham

observed, that he saw that the second reading of a very important Bill stood for Wednesday next—namely, relative to the Employment of Children in calico printing works. Although it had been ordered to be printed some time ago, it was only placed in the hands of Members within the last three or four days. He considered this a very important matter, and it was desirable that Members should have ample time to make up their minds on the subject. He therefore thought that it would be desirable to postpone it until after the recess.

Lord Ashley

observed, that he was most anxious for the passing of this Bill, not only for the satisfaction of his own feelings, but also because he knew that hopes had been excited out of doors on the subject. He could not conceive that hon. Gentlemen had not made up their minds on the subject; but after what had been said, and as Wednesday next had been given up to the Government, he had no other course to pursue than to postpone it until the first Wednesday after the recess, namely, the 2nd of April. He must, however, add that he was astonished that the Government should, after having scrutinized the principle, hesitate to limit the works now carried on for thirty-six consecutive hours.