HC Deb 23 June 1845 vol 81 c1037
Mr. E. B. Roche

referred to a question he had formerly put to the right hon. Baronet, whether he intended this Session to introduce two measures relating to municipal reform, and the registration of voters in Ireland? The right hon. Baronet had replied that he should be better able to answer when the Irish business already before the House, was in a more advanced state. It was now within less than a month of the end of the Session, and he (Mr. E. B. Roche) was, therefore, anxious to obtain the information he had requested.

Sir James Graham

regretted that Irish business had not advanced as rapidly as could have been wished. On this very evening the House was going into a Committee on the Irish Colleges Bill, to which Ministers attached the utmost importance; and before the other House of Parliament was another measure of great value relating to landlords and tenants. Considering, therefore, the period of the Session, and the present state of Irish business, he feared it would be impossible to introduce the Bills to which the hon. Member referred.