HC Deb 16 June 1845 vol 81 cc594-5

BILLS. Public.—2°. Timber Ships.

. and passed:—Banking (Scotland).

Private.—1°. Rochdale Vicarage (Molesworth's) Estate.

. Eastern Counties Railway (Cambridge and Bury St. Edmund's Extension); Bristol Parochial Rates (No. 2).

Reported.—Great Western Railway (Ireland) (Dublin to Mullingar and Athlone); West London Railway; Liverpool and Bury Railway (Bolton, Wigan, and Liverpool Railway, and Bury Extension); Edinburgh and Northern Railway; Molyneux's Estate; Duke of Argyll's Estate; Newry and Enniskillen Railway; Belfast Improvement; Runcorn and Preston Brook Railway and Docks; Northumberland Railway; Richmond (Surrey) Railway.

. and passed:—Dundee Waterworks; Reversionary Interest Society; Harwell and Streatly Road; Blackburn and Preston Railway; Newcastle and Darlington (Brandling Junction) Railway; Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway; Sheffield and Rotherham Railway; Taw Vale Railway and Dock; Waterford and Kilkenny Railway; Kendal Reservoirs; Agricultural and Commercial Bank of Ireland.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Maher, from Bonleagh, against the Dissenters Chapels Bill (1844).—By Sir R. H. Inglis, from Chertsey, against Grant to Maynooth College.—By Col. Rawdon, from Clonfecle, in favour of the Roman Catholic Relief Bill.—By Mr. Hope, from Hawkhurst, against Union of St. Asaph and Bangor.—By Mr. Hume Mr. Smollett, and Lord J. Stuart, from several places, in favour of Universities (Scotland) Bill.—By Mr. W. Miles, from Compton Pauncefoot, for Relief from Agricultural Taxation.—By Mr. Corry, Col. Rawdon, and Col. Verner, from several places, for Alteration of Banking (Ireland) Bill.—By Mr. Kemble, and Mr. Stansfield, from several places, in favour of the Ten Hours System in Factories.—By Captain Hatton, from several places, for Alteration of Parochial Settlement Bill.—By Lord R. Grosvenor, and Mr. Gladstone, from several places, for Alteration of Physic and Surgery Bill.—By Sir T. Fremantle, from Waterford, for Compelling Railways in Ireland to carry a certain number of Poor Pedestrians.—By Mr. Bailey, from Worcester, for Inquiry (Royal College of Surgeons).—By Viscount Clive, from Robert Burton, Salop, against Salmon Fisheries Bill.—By Lord Robert Grosvenor, from Chester, in favour of the Salmon Fisheries Bill.—By Mr. Wawn, from W. H. Brockett, Newcastle-upon-Tyue, for Prohibiting certain Toll (Scarborough Harbour).