HC Deb 17 July 1845 vol 82 cc617-8

NEW MEMBER SWORN. For Cambridge Borough, Fitz Roy Kelly, Esq.

BILLS. Public.—1o. Documentary Evidence; Militia Pay; Railways (Selling and Leasing); Unions (Ireland).

2o. Highways; Death by Accidents Compensation; Deodands Abolition (No. 2); Jewish Disabilities Removal; Jurors' Books (Ireland); Naval Medical Supplemental Fund Society; Taxing Master, Court of Chancery (Ireland).

Reported.—Ecclesiastical Patronage (Ireland); Drainage (Ireland); Spirits (Ireland).

3o. and passed:—Highway Rates; Militia Ballots Suspension; Loan Societies; Turnpike Acts Continuance; Unlawful Oaths (Ireland); Commons' Inclosure; Lunatic Asylums and Pauper Lunatics; Bills of Exchange; Geological Survey; Unclaimed Stock and Dividends; Criminal Jurisdiction of Assistant Barristers (Ireland); Bail in Error; Lunatic Asylums (Ireland).

Private. — 1o. Birmingham Blue Coat School Estate; Sampson's Estate; Sir Robert Keith Dick's Estate.

Reported.—Grimsby Docks (re-committed); Duddeston and Nechells Improvement (No. 2) (re-committed); London and Croydon Railway Enlargement (re-committed); London and Croydon Railway (Maidstone, Ashford, and Tonbridge); South Eastern Railway (Maidstone to Rochester); South Eastern Railway (Ashford to Hastings); Rye and Tenterden Railway; Rothwell Prison; Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmarnock, and Ayr Railway (Barrhead Branch).

3o. and passed:—Yoker Road (No. 2); Gravesend and Rochester Railway.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Sir R. H. Inglis, from George Barnes, B.D. Archdeacon of Barnstaple, against Ecclesiastical Courts Bill.—By Mr. Baring, and Sir R. Peel, from British-born Jews of Portsmouth, and London, in favour of Jewish Disabilities Removal Bill—By Sir R. H. Inglis, from Inhabitants of Boningale, against Union of St Asaph and Bangor.—By Mr. Duncan, from Boyd, New South Wales, for Repeal of certain Acts relating to that Colony.—By Mr. Hawes from Factory Workers, and others, of Cowcliffe, in favour of the Ten Hours System in Factories.—By Mr. Masterman, from the City of London, for Inquiry into the Treatment of Lunatics.—By General Morison, from Mr. MacMillan, in favour of Physic and Surgery Bill.—By Mr. W. Williams, from Se- nior Students of the School of Design, Somerset House, for Inquiry (School of Design).—By Mr. Masterman, from Sugar Refiners of London, against Smoke Prohibition Bill.—By Mr. Villiers, from Captain Charles Stewart, late of Her Majesty's 24th Regiment of Infantry, for Inquiry into his Case.

The House met at twelve o'clock.