HC Deb 14 July 1845 vol 82 cc472-3
Mr. H. R. Yorke

said, that he wished to ask the right hon. the Secretary of State for the Home Department, when the order of liberation was sent to Norfolk Island in behalf of Joseph Mason, who was transported upon a conviction for burglary at the York Spring Assizes, 1843, which conviction turned out to have been altogether and entirely unjust? Also when the said Joseph Mason might be expected in England?

Sir J. Graham

, in reply, stated that after a conference with the Judge who tried the case, and after further investigation, being satisfied of the innocence of Joseph Mason with respect to the crime for which he was convicted and sentenced to transportation; and that another party was guilty of that crime, he had considered it to be his duty to advise the Crown to give a pardon to this person, and this was accordingly done on the 1st of January last. He had given directions also that Joseph Mason should be immediately provided with a free passage to England. He believed that the first intelligence of the return of this person would be by the arrival of the individual himself.

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