HC Deb 09 July 1845 vol 82 cc226-7

On the Motion that the House go into Committee on the Lunatic Asylums' Bill,

Mr. Liddell

complained that not one Member of the Government was present on this occasion. The point on which he wished to get some information was, whether parties who had embarked large sums in private Lunatic Asylums, all of which were conducted with great care, skill, and humanity, would be injuriously affected by the Bill. He highly approved of the principle of the Bill; but he hoped it would not be allowed to operate injuriously to those parties to whom he referred.

Mr. Williams

also concurred in the principle of the Bill, but regretted that a measure of such importance should not have been introduced at an earlier period of the Session. He also trusted that the parties to whom reference had been made, would be adequately protected, as far as such protection did not militate against the principle of the Bill or the interests of the public.

Mr. P. Howard

thought, that at this late period of the Session, it was unjust to throw upon parishes and small counties such large expenses as this Bill would entail; and, unless the Bill was greatly modified in this respect, he would, on the third reading, take the sense of the House on an Amendment to have the Bill postponed to next Session.

House in Committee.

On Clause 75,

Mr. T. Duncombe

proposed as an Amendment, to leave out from the word "Asylum" to the end of the Clause, in order to insert the words— ["Notice of the same shall be sent to the Coroner having jurisdiction where such Asylum is situated, who shall cause an Inquest to be held touching the cause of such patient's death."]

Question put "That the words proposed to be left out stand part of the Clause."

Committee divided:—Ayes 37, Noes 4: Majority 33.

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