HC Deb 25 February 1845 vol 77 c1163
Mr. W. O. Stanley

wished to ask a question of the right hon. Baronet the First Lord of the Treasury, respecting Holyhead harbour. In the early part of the Session the right hon. Baronet had said— With regard to one harbour the Government had come to a decision. They thought it of great importance to improve the harbour of Holyhead, for the purpose of facilitating the intercourse between the two parts of the United Kingdom. He wished to ask whether Her Majesty's Government had determined on proposing any grant of money during the present Session for the improvement of that harbour, and whether any plan had been fixed upon?

Sir R. Peel

, upon the part of the Government, was most desirous of seeing a line of railway established between Chester and Holyhead, and had given every encouragement to the promoters of that railway. A Bill had been passed last year, with the exception of the railway crossing the Menai Straits, as objections were made to the present bridge being used for that purpose. At present the subject was under the consideration of the Board of Trade and the Admiralty, and he hoped a Bill would soon be produced which would meet the sanction of Government. Retaining the same opinion which the Government had before expressed that Holyhead was the proper channel of communication with Ireland; if that Bill, in its provisions, met the views of the Government, he should be prepared to propose a grant for the improvement of Holyhead harbour in this year's estimates.