HC Deb 22 April 1845 vol 79 cc1122-3

MINUTES.] NEW MEMBER SWORN.—Walter Baine, Esq., for Greenock.

BILLS. Public.—1°. Sheriffs (Wales).

Private.—1°. Erewash Valley Railway (No. 2); South-Eastern Railway (Maidstone to Rochester); South-Eastern Railway (Branch to Deal, and Extension of Canterbury, Ramsgate, and Margate Railway).

. Brighton and Chichester Railway (Portsmouth Extension); Preston and Wyre Railway Branches; Scottish Midland Junction Railway; Exeter and Crediton Railway; Monmouth and Hereford Railway.

Reported.—Winwick Railway.

. and passed;—Bradford Gas.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Viscount Castlereagh, from Inch, and Ballycutter, for Arranging Differences between Churches of England and Ireland.—By Viscount Castlereagh, Sir R. H. Inglis, Mr. Cole, Sir C. Coole, and Mr. Lefroy, from several places, for Encouragement to Schools in connexion with Church Education Society (Ireland).—By Sir R. H. Inglis, from Arthur Perceval, against Jewish Disabilities Removal Bill.—By several hon. Members, from a great number of places, for better Observance of the Lord's Day—By several hon. Members, from an immense number of places (257 Petitions), against the Grant to Maynooth College.—By Mr. Brownrigg, Mr. Divett, Mr. Labouc here, and Mr. Howard, from several places, in favour of the Grant to Maynooth College.—By several hon. Members, from several places, against the Union of St. Asaph and Bangor.—By Captain Dalrymple, and Mr. Macaulay, from Wigtown, and Edinburgh, for Abolition of Tests in Scotch Universities.—By Mr. Bannerman, and Mr. Strutt, from several places, against Importation of Hill Coolies into the Colonies.—By Mr. Sotheron, from a great number of places, for Relief from Agricultural Taxation.—By Mr. Charteris, from several places, for Defraying the County and Police Rates out of the Consolidated Fund.—By Sir John Mordaunt, from a great number of places, for Repeal of the Malt Duty.—By Mr. Hastie, from East India Merchants, for Alteration of Duty on Indian Wheat.—By Lord John Manners, from Ealand, for Inquiry into the Anatomy Act.—By Mr. Hume, Mr. Lockhart, and Mr. Traill, from several places, against Alteration of present system of Banking (Scotland).—By Mr. Ewart, from John Thompson, for Alteration of Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons Bill.—By Mr. Cobden, from Brinkworth, complaining of Distress.—By Mr. Ainsworth, and Mr. Ewart, from several places, in favour of the Ten Hours System.—By Mr. S. Wortley, from several places, in favour of Field Gardens Bill.—By Mr. Curteis, from Rye, for placing Harbours under Restrictions.—By Mr. Charteris, and Col. Rolleston, from several places, against Justices' Clerks and Clerks of the Peace Bill.—By Colonel Wood, from George James Guthrie, for Inquiry into the Medical Profession.—By several hon. Members, from a great number of places, against the Parochial Settlement Bill.—By Mr. Spooner from Birmingham, for Alteration of Physic and Surgery Bill.—By Mr. Bankes, Mr. Brotherton, Mr. Divett, Sir R. H. Inglis, and Lord E. Russell, from several places, for Diminishing the Number of Public Houses.—By Sir R. H. Inglis, and the Earl of March, from several places, for Alteration of Law relating to the Sale of Beer.—By Mr. Bruce, and Mr. F. Maule, from Abernethy, and Stirling, for Ameliorating the Condition of Schoolmasters (Scotland).