HC Deb 17 April 1845 vol 79 cc859-60

BILLS. Public.—1°. Colonial Passengers.

Reported.—Calico Print Works.

Private.—1°. Lady's Island and Tacumshin Embankment; Epsom and Dorking Railway; Eastern Union and Bury Saint Edmund's Railway (No. 2); London, Worcester, and South Staffordshire Railway (Dudley and Sedgley Branch).

Reported. — Shelsley Road; Paisley Gas.

. and passed:—Forth and Clyde Navigation.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. F. Maule, from Free Church of Peebles, complaining of opposition to building Free Churches (Scotland).—By Mr. Maule, Mr. Ellice, and Sir J. M'Taggart, from several places, for better Observance of the Lord's Day,—By several hon. Members, from an immense number of places (335 Petitions), against the Gram to Maynooth College.—By Captain A'Court, Mr. Adderley, and Mr. Hughes, from a great number of places, against the Union of St. Asaph and Bangor.—By Mr. Stewart, from New Zealand, for Inquiry (New Zealand).—By Mr. Herbert, from New Sarum, for Relief from Agricultural Taxation.—By Mr. Burroughcs, and Sir W. Heathcote, from several places, for Repeal of the Duty on Malt.—By Mr. Vernon, from East Retford, for Alteration of Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons Bill.—By Sir J. Hanmer, from Hull, complaining of the Inadequate Remuneration of the Extra Tide Waiters.—By Viscount Howick, from several places, in favour of the Ten Hours System.—By Mr. S. Wortlcy, from several places, in favour of Field Gardens.—By Mr. Stewart, from Polloekshaw, against Infefiment and Heritable Securities (Scotland) Bill.—By Mr. Berkeley, Mr. Broadley, Sir P. Egerton, Mr. P. Egerton, Mr. Entwisle, Sir W. Heathcote, Sir W. J. Jolliffe, Mr. Vernon, Mr. "Whitmore, and Mr. S. Wortley, from a great number of places, against Justices' Clerks and Clerks of the Peace Bill.—By Mr. T. Buncombe, from Northumberland, for Inquiry respecting the Cause of Accidents in Mines and Collieries.—By Mr. C. Bruce, from Clackmannan, for Alteration of Mines and Collieries Act.—By Viscount Adare, Mr. Adderley, Mr. Brothcrton, Mr. M. Gore, Sir C. Burrell, Mr. Cardwell, Sir H. Halford, the Earl of March, and Mr. S. Wortley, from a great number of places, against Parochial Settlement Bill.—By several hon. Members, from a great number of places, for Diminishing the Number of Public Houses.—By Mr. Buckley, and Mr Welby, from several places, for Regulating Railway Charges.—By Captain Dalrymple, and Mr, Fox Maule, from several places, for Ameliorating the Condition of Schoolmasters (Scotland).