HC Deb 08 April 1845 vol 79 cc306-7

BILLS. Public. — 1°. Sugar (Excise Duties).

Reported.—Customs (Import Duties); Public Museums, etc.; Glass (Excise Duty).

Private.—1°. Coventry, Bedworth, and Nuneaton Railway; Edinburgh and Northern Railway (No. 2); Saint Ives Junction Railway.

. Rye and Tenterden Railway: Harrogate and Ripon Junction Railway; Belfast Improvement; Wear Valley Railway; Manchester, Bury, and Rossendale Railway; Blackburn, Darwen, and Bolton Railway; Bedford, and London and Birmingham Railway; Glasgow Police; Middlesbro' and Redcar Railway; Oxford, Worcester, and Wolverhampton Railway; Huddersfield Waterworks.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Captain Jones, and Messrs. Gladstone, Hamilton, and Lefroy, from several places, for Encouragement of Schools in connexion with Church Education Society (Ireland).—By Mr. Bright, and Mr. F. Maule, from several places, for better Observance of the Lord's Day.—By Viscounts Duncan, Ebrington, Ingestre, and Pollington, Lord G. Somerset, Sirs W. Joliffe, C. Knightley, and J. Tyrell, Col. Wood, Capt. Jones, Dr. Bowring, and Messrs. Bright, Broadley, Brotherton, Christopher, Chute, Collins, Craig, Deedes, Dickinson, Denison, Egerton, Entwisle, Grogan, Lefroy, Lawson, Long, Marjoribanks, F. Maule, Mundy, Ord, Patten, Plumptre, Trevor, Turner, and Yorke, from an immense number of places (148 Petitions), against the Grant to Maynooth College.—By Lord Courtenay, Mr. Mundy, Mr. Estcourt, and Col. Trevor, from several places, against Union of St. Asaph and Baugor.—By Mr. Bright, from Brill, and by Lord Courtenay, from the Torquay Anti-Slavery Society, against Importation of Hill Coolies into the Colonies.—By Mr. Hutt, from Shipowners of Robin Hood's Bay, Stockton, and Middlesbrough, for Reduction of Tolls and Dues levied by Lighthouses.—By Mr. Charteris, and Mr. Dickenson, from several places, for Relief from Agricultural Taxation.—By Mr. Hutt, from Shipowners of Australia, for Reduction of Duty on Australian Corn.—By Mr. Denison, and Sir J. Tyrell, from several places, for Repeal of Malt Duty.—By Mr. Bright, from Basket Makers of Rochdale, for Repeal of Duty on Osiers.—By Mr. T. Duncombe, Sir C. Napier, and Mr. E. Turner, from several places, for Inquiry into the Anatomy Act.—By Captain Gordon, from Peterhead, against Alteration of the present system of Banking (Scotland).—By Mr. Brisco, and Mr. Stuart Wortley, from several places, for Alteration of the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons Bill.—By Col. Trevor, from several places, in favour of the County Courts Bill. By Mr. F. Maulc, from the Fife Prison Board, for better Accommodation of Criminal Lunatics (Scotland). — By Captain Pechell, from Mathew Phillips, for Inquiry into his case.—By Mr. Bouvcric, from Glasgow and Greenock, in favour of the Ten Hours System.—By Mr. B. Escott, from Charles Bird, of Exeter, for Inquiry.—By Mr. J. Bailey, from Worcester, for Alteration of Game Laws.—By Mr. Mackinnon, and Visct. Mahon, from Manchester, and Paddington, for Sanatory Regulations.—By Mr. Brotherton, from Salford, for Repeal of Insolvent Debtors Act, and in favour of the County Courts Bill.—By Mr. Chute, and Mr. Cripps, from several places, against Justices' Clerks and Clerks of the Peace Bill.—By Mr. Forbes, from several places, for Alteration of Mines and Collieries Act.—By Mr. Serjeant Murphy, from Cork, for Abolition of Ministers' Money (Ireland).—By Mr. Chute, Mr. Baillie, and Mr. Rice, from several places, in favour of the Museums of Art Bill.—By Mr. Bright, and Sir G. Strickland, from several places, against Increase of Naval Force.—By Sir J. Tyrell, Col. Wood, and Messrs. Carew, Chute, Deedes, Dickinson, Greene, Egerton, Patten, and Waddington, from a great number of places, against the Parochial Settlement Bill—From Fordingson, in favour of the Parochial Settlement Bill.—By Sir C. Napier, from Marylebone, for Inquiry into the Treatment of Pauper Lunatics at the Asylum at Hanwell.—By Viscount Ingestre, Lord Hervey, Captains Pechell, and Harris, and Messrs. Bailey, Brotherton, Denison, Egerton, Hope, and Sheridan, from a number of places, against Physic and Surgery Bill.—By Mr. Dickinson, from Guardians of the Yeovil Union, for Amendment of the Poor Law.—By Lord John Russell. Sir G. Strickland, Col. Trevor, and Messrs. Aldam, Bright, Broadwood, Carew, and Strutt, from a great number of places, for Diminishing the Number of Public Houses.—By Mr. Bright, from Modbury, for Abolition of Punishment of Death.—By Mr. Dickinson, from Bradford, for Alteration of Law relating to the Sale of Beer.—By Captain Dalrymple, Mr. Forbes, and Mr. Oswald, from several places, for Ameliorating the Condition of Schoolmasters (Scotland).—By Viscount Ebrington, from Plymouth, in favour of Smoke Prohibition Bill.