HC Deb 29 March 1844 vol 73 c1616

BILLS. Public.—1o. Factories (No. 2) Bill; County Courts; Bailiffs of Inferior Courts.

Private.—2o. Wells Harbour and Quay; Wells Lighting and Improvement; Hythe Landing Place; Middle Level Drainage and Navigation; Swansea Harbour; South ampton Marsh Improvement; Taff Vale Railway; Ness Fisheries; Metropolitan Buildings.

Reported.—Birkenhead Improvement; Midland Railways Consolidation; Durham County Coal Company; Newquay Harbour and Railway; Hartlepool West Harbour and Dock; South Eastern, Canterbury, Ramsgate, and Margate Railway.

3°. and passed:—Brandes Burton Inclosure; Guildford Junction Railway: Norwich and Brandon Railway; York and Scarborough Railway.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. J. A. Smith, from Chichester, against the Poor Law Amendment Bill.—By Mr. Lefroy, from Cork, against the Municipal Boroughs (Ireland) Bill.—By Mr. Fuller, from Llanfaethlie, and other places, against the Union of the Sees of St. Asaph and Bangor.—By Lords Howick and Ashley, and by Messrs. McGeachy, C. Buller, Hindley, Ainsworth, and Fielder, from a great number of places, in favour, by Sir J. Graham, from Manchester, and by Messrs. Estcourt, and Egerton, from Trowbridge, against, the Ten Hours Clause in Factories Bill.—By Mr. Vivian, from H. G. Drewe, for Abolition of Imprisonment for Debt.