HC Deb 15 March 1844 vol 73 c1065

BILLS. Public.—2o. Indemnity; Land Tax Commissioners Names.

3o. and passed:—3½ per Cent. Annuities; 3½ per Cent. Annuities (1818); Consolidated Fund; Teachers of Schools (Ireland).

Private.—1o. Ayr Bridge; Blackburn and Preston Railway; Marianski's Naturalization; Paisley General Gas; Schuster's Naturalization.

2o. Haltwhistle Inclosure; Glossop Market; South Eastern and Hastings Railway; Coventry Waterworks; Ashton, Staleybridge, and Liverpool Junction Railway.

Reported.—Birmingham Canal Navigation.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. From Manufacturers of Tobacco and Snuff, for Reduction of Duty thereon.—From Neilston, and Paisley, for Extending Factories Act to Bleaching Works.—From Macclesfield, and 7 places, for Exempting the Silk Trade from Factories Act.—From Burnley, and 17 places, in favour of the Ten Hours Clause.—From Great and Little Bolton, in favour of an Eleven Hours Clause.—From Soothill, Nether, and 18 places, against the Factories Bill.—From Merchants, respecting Carriage of Goods on Railways.—From Retail Stationers of London, against issue of Stamped Paper for Postage.