HC Deb 13 March 1844 vol 73 cc979-80

On the Motion that the Masters and Servants Bill be committed,

Sir James Graham

said, that he agreed in the object of the Bill, but he thought the means that were taken for attaining that object were inexpedient. It recited five or six Acts of Parliament, and proposed to amend certain parts in each of those Acts. Now he would suggest as a better plan that the Act should repeal those former Acts, and then it might contain all the portion that was really valuable in those Acts, whilst it would be infinitely more clear and precise.

Mr. Miles

would act upon the suggestion of the right hon. Baronet. Those Acts were recited in order that hon. Members might more clearly see the Acts which it was desirable to amend. He believed, however, that the suggestion of the right hon. Baronet would be found preferable to the mode adopted in the Bill, and he should move that the Bill be committed pro forma, with a view of acting on that suggestion.

Bill committed pro forma.