HC Deb 07 March 1844 vol 73 cc601-2
Mr. Wallace

wished to put a question to the Lord Advocate for Scotland. It was generally understood, that the learned Lord intended, in the course of the present Session, to introduce three different propositions to the notice of the House; the first relating to the transference of heritable property in Scotland; the second as to workmen's wages; and the third as to the truck system in that country. To prevent the uncertainty which must be felt by the public on the subject, he begged to ask the learned Lord if he was prepared to bring in bills upon each or any of those propositions?

The Lord Advocate

said, that as to the first subject, that of heritable rights, he hoped soon to have a measure brought before the Legislature with regard to it. As to workmen's wages and the truck system in Scotland, he was not aware how it could have been ascertained that he was preparing any measures with regard to them. His attention had been directed to one of those subjects, viz., that of wages, but he had found great difficulty with regard to it, and although he had not altogether abandoned the idea, yet he could not undertake to say that any measure would be brought forward by him with regard to it. The truck system he had not considered, except as it was connected with other subjects. It was also a question of great difficulty like the of workmen's wages.