HC Deb 27 June 1844 vol 76 cc72-4
Lord Worsley

moved for The appointment of a Select Committee, to inquire into the expediency of facilitating the Inclosure and Improvement of Commons and Lands held in Common, the exchange of Lands and the division of intermixed Lands; and into the best means of providing for the same, and to report their opinion to the House. The noble Lord said, that should the House consent to the appointment of this Committee, it was his intention to withdraw for the present Session the Bill upon this subject, which he had submitted to the consideration of the House.

Colonel Sibthorp

objected to the Motion at so late an hour of the night. What chance he would ask would the noble Lord have of bringing the deliberations of this Committee to a close before the termination of the Session? It appeared to him that the proposal so made was not characterized by fairness, nor was the Committee itself particularly well selected.

Sir R. Peel

thought the noble Lord quite right in moving for a Committee, as he would have had little or no prospect of being able to proceed with the Bill during the present Session. He (Sir R. Peel) had originally entertained very strong objections to the Bill; but in justice to the noble Lord he must say that the strongest disposition had been evinced by him to remove the objectionable features of the measure, and to prevent its undue interference with the rights and enjoyments of the people. With the understanding therefore that the step now proposed was not to imply that the Government sanctioned the Bill in its present form, he would give his assent to the appointment of the Committee.

Motion agreed to.

House adjourned.