HC Deb 25 June 1844 vol 75 cc1351-2
Sir R. Peel

called the attention of Mr. Wyse to the fact that the right hon. Gentleman had given notice of a Motion relative to the Irish State Trials for the 2nd of July. Now, he had reason to believe that the Writ of Error was fixed for hearing in the House of Lords on the 4th of July. He was sure that it would then be proceeded with in the House of Lords, and in that case it would be impossible for the Law Officers of the Crown—it would be impossible for his right hon. Friend the Attorney General for Ireland to give that attention to the subject which would be desirable, to give it at the same time that he was obliged, and necessarily obliged, to give all his attention to the proceedings before the House of Lords. If the Writ of Error were then to be brought before the House of Lords on the 4th of July, he trusted to the sense of justice of the right hon. Gentleman not to bring on a Motion so immediately connected with what was the subject of that Writ of Error on the 2nd of July.

After some conversation,

Mr. Wyse

said, the proposition of the right hon. Baronet to give up a Government day in lieu of Tuesday, if sufficiently early not to interfere with the question itself, or the convenience of Irish Members, materially altered the arrangement; but he could not answer until he first conferred with them. He therefore deferred any further reply until to-morrow.