HC Deb 20 June 1844 vol 75 cc1168-9
Sir R. Peel

The hon. Member for Carlow rose to put a question to me to-night, on the meaning of which I think I put a wrong construction. The hon. Member asked me whether Earl De Grey had resigned his position at the head of the Irish Government? I replied that it was not true. But I thought the hon. Member's question was directed to ascertain whether a resignation had taken place upon any grounds of public policy.

Captain Layard

said, he had merely expressed a wish to know if the rumour of Lord De Grey's resignation were correct?

Sir R. Peel

I thought the hon. Member had enquired whether the resignation had taken place on public grounds, and I said at once it had not. I did not think it likely that the hon. Gentleman would put the question on any other ground. I stated, at the same time, that my noble Friend the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland had suffered so severely from illness, that he had long desired to resign. I hope nothing that I said could lead the hon. Gentleman to suppose that an immediate change in the Irish Government is not in contemplation. And the change is solely in consequence of my noble Friend's illness.

Mr. Hume

hoped the right hon. Baronet would take the opportunity of saving the country a great expense, by abolishing the useless office altogether.

Sir R. Peel

I have a higher respect for the opinion the House expressed scarcely a month since than would be shown by such a proposition.