HC Deb 17 July 1844 vol 76 cc992-3
Mr. Cowper

having moved the Order of the Day for the Committee on the Field Gardens Bill,

Sir J. Graham

said, he thought there could be but little hope of this Bill passing into a law during the present Session. If that should also be the opinion of the hon. Gentleman, he would then suggest to him that the better course would be to go into Committee on the Bill pro formâ, either then or next Wednesday, for the purpose of making such alterations in its detail as the hon. Member might on further consideration, or on communications he had received from persons in the country, think it necessary to introduce, and that it should be then printed as amended, and circulated during the recess, in order that the House might be in a condition to consider the subject with advantage in the next Session of Parliament. He had consented to the second reading of the Bill, fully approving of its principle, but with every wish for the success of the measure, he thought that the course he has now suggested would be most conducive to that end.

Mr. Cowper

could not but feel much gratified at the manner in which this Bill had been received by the right hon. Baronet (Sir James Graham) and the House, and concurred with the right hon. Baronet that it was not likely at so late a period of the Session he could engage the attention of the House to its clauses, so as to have them amended, and placed in that state he should desire to see them before they passed into law. He did not entertain any expectation of passing the Bill during the present year, nor was it his intention to attempt to pass it. He would adopt most willingly the suggestion of the right hon. Baronet, and would now move that the House resolve itself into Committee pro formâ on the Bill, in order that they might have an opportunity of making some verbal alterations, and then postpone the measure until another Session.

Bill passed pro formâ through Committee.