HC Deb 10 July 1844 vol 76 c561
Mr. S. Crawford

wished to know whether there was any probability of any report being made at an early period by the Commissioners of Land Inquiry in Ireland, and if so, whether the House might expect that some measure of legislation, founded upon that report, would be brought forward during the ensuing Session of Parliament?

Sir R. Peel

said, he believed the Commissioners had come to the conclusion, that it would not be advisable for them to make any partial report, consequently he did not expect that any report would be presented during the present Session. As to what legislation the Government might think it necessary to introduce, founded on the report of the Commission, he could not, of course, say, until the Government should have the report before them. At the same time he could assure the hon. Gentleman and the House, that the Government had appointed the Commission as the foundation for legislation, should it be necessary, and with a view to remove any defects which might be pointed out in the report.